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 A history of innovation

The 1980's

The Pink Panther, a much-loved cartoon character, entered the scene on August 15, 1980, as Owens Corning used the United Artists character to promote sales of the PINK Fiberglas® insulation. Recognized worldwide, the Panther remains the Company's most prominent spokesfeline.

The 1980s were abundant with new plant openings all around the world, manufacturing products as diverse as nuclear power plant insulation systems to glass fiber reinforced pipe, asphalt shingles to underground storage tanks.

In 1983, production of Owens Corning's ThermaCube™ blown-in glass fiber insulation began in Newark. Between 1983 and 1984, three Owens Corning Foam Sheathing plants opened in the United States.

In 1985, Owens Corning manufactured its 100,000th Fiberglas® underground storage tank.

In 1986, Owens Corning announced its corporate goal as "Profitable Growth." Principles in support of this goal were: "Concentrate on profitability; Focus on our growth; Serve our customers' needs; Emphasize technology; Demand competitive excellence; Create a challenging environment; Act with integrity."

On August 12, 1986, Wickes Companies, Inc. presented an unsolicited offer to purchase Owens Corning at $74 per share. Owens Corning's Board of Directors rejected the offer. Owens Corning stockholders formally approved a restructuring plan which focused on its core businesses, designed to give shareholders more value than the Wickes offer. The approval by the shareholders successfully preserved Owens Corning's independence.

On May 12, 1987, Owens Corning made legal history by becoming the first company to trademark a color, in this case, PINK.

For the Company's 50th anniversary, on October 31, 1988, Owens Corning employees, past and present, celebrated the Company's founding with a salute to its glorious past, renewed commitment to its customers and a dedication to build an even brighter future.

On August 11, 1989, Owens Corning became the sole owner of Fiberglas® Canada.

As yet another decade came to a close, Owens Corning reported sales of $3 billion, and employed 18,300 people.

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