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Please select a region from the map above or from the drop-down below to see all of the facilities in those countries.

 Location  Product
 Science & Technology Centers
 Chambéry   France   
 Apeldoorn   The Netherlands   
 Manufacturing Facilities
 Composite Solutions
 Zele   Belgium  Technical Fabrics
 Chambéry   France  Reinforcements
 L'Ardoise   France  Reinforcements
 Besana   Italy  Reinforcements
 Gous-Kroustalny   Russia  Reinforcements
 Gous-Kroustalny   Russia  Technical Fabrics
 San Vincente deCastellet/Barcelona   Spain  Technical Fabrics
 Apeldoorn   The Netherlands  Non Woven Technologies
 Liversedge   United Kingdom  Non Woven Technologies
North America Central/South America Asia Pacific Europe Africa