Acoustical Research and Testing
We wrote the book on acoustics.

Well, we haven’t written a book. But many acoustic reference or textbooks have been drawn in part from data and research performed at the Owens Corning Science and Technology Center in Granville, Ohio.

If you think the field of acoustics is new - think again. The proliferation of electronic components and affordable home theater equipment has pushed the envelope on consumer awareness, but we’ve had a dedicated Acoustical Research Laboratory in Granville since the sixties.

Our facility is nationally accredited* and internationally recognized for our breakthrough research and testing in all acoustic applications – consumer, commercial and industrial.

At Owens Corning we don’t just understand the industry. We helped create it.

*Accredited through the National Voluntary Laboratory Program (NVLAP), NVLAP Lab Code 100109-0, a program sanctioned by the highest standard agency in the U.S., the National Institute of Science and Technology (N.I.S.T.) formerly known as The National Bureau of Standards.