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Product Description
QuietZone® Acoustic Sealant is a premium acrylic mastic sealant, acoustically engineered to block sound vibrations. Its non-drying and non-hardening characteristics allow it to retain its acoustic properties over time. QuietZone Acoustic Sealant is made for interior and exterior applications on a variety of different surfaces. These include gaps between wall stud plates and subfloor, and around electrical outlets and boxes, air ducts and boots, doors, windows and other wall and floor penetrations or gaps.
Acoustic Benefits
QuietZone Acoustic Sealant produces a flexible, acoustic seal. It should be used to seal all gaps in wall and floor systems to ensure superior acoustic performance. When used as part of a complete Noise Control System, QuietZone Acoustic Sealant can contribute to a reduction in perceived noise levels through the walls by up to 80% or more when compared with uninsulated, conventional wood stud walls.*
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