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Since its founding in 1938, Owens Corning has been one of the world’s leading researchers and product developers in the field of acoustics. Many texts reference data on acoustical properties that were developed and tested by Owens Corning. Our acoustics lab is accredited through the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP), NVLAP Lab Code 100109-0, and is one of the most comprehensively equipped acoustic laboratories in the nation.

As you’re no doubt well aware, how a room "sounds" has a significant impact in determining the occupants’ ultimate level of satisfaction with the room’s construction. Owens Corning has applied its expertise to develop two comprehensive - and complementary - systems to address the acoustic needs of any project.
Noise Control Commercial Interiors
Products and construction techniques to prevent unwanted noise from traveling through walls, floors and ceilings - up to 10 decibels (dB) based on Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings.* Products and acoustic techniques to physically "tune" any size room to consistently achieve desired acoustic properties.
  Noise Control Wall Assemblies
     QuietZone® Wall Framing
     QuietZone® Acoustic Batts
     Sound Attenuation Batt Insulation
     QuietZone® Shaftwall Insulation
     QuietZone® Acoustic Sealant
     SelectSound® Black Acoustic Board
     SelectSound® Black Acoustic Blanket
     QuietZone® Acoustic Panels
  Noise Control Floor & Ceiling Assemblies
     Sonobatts® Insulation
     QuietZone® Acoustic Floor Mat
  Noise Control Ducts
     QuietR™ Duct Board
     Fiberglas® Duct Liner Board
     QuietR™ Acoustic Duct Liner
     QuietZone® Spiral Duct Liner
  Architectural and Specialty Walls and Ceilings
     Conwed Respond® Custom Walls
     Eurospan® Stretch Wall System
     SelectSound® Black Acoustic Blanket
     Wall Technology Acoustical Products
*Sound Transmission Class is measured in accordance to ASTM E 90 test methods, which measure the transmission loss characteristics of a partition. Depending on the wall construction, substantially higher (than 10dB) dB reductions can be achieved depending on what type of wall, ceiling, or floor systems are being compared. A laboratory test of a typical untreated interior wall has an STC of 35. Our 2" x 4" QuietZone® Acoustic Wall Framing when used with QuietZone® Acoustic Batts and QuietZone® Acoustic Sealant receives a rating of STC 49, a 14 dB reduction in sound transmission.