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Itís a Heat Wave!

Itís hot. Itís really hot, especially during the long summer months.

How to Prepare Your Home for a Heat Wave

∑Hang drapes or blinds to help keep direct sunlight out and keep the room cool.

∑Check your air-conditioning unit to make sure it works properly, and clear away debris from the unit.

∑Remove storm windows and reinstall window screens.

∑Add an extra layer of insulation to help stop heat transfer and keep cool air in the house.

∑Install weatherstripping around windows and doors.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Heat Wave

∑Refrain from strenuous activities during the peak afternoon hours. Instead, reschedule the activities to a cooler time of day.

∑Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing and put on sunscreen.

∑Drink lots of water or other non-alcoholic liquids.

∑Spend time in air-conditioned places.

∑Listen and watch for summer heat advisories on the radio and TV.