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More Room for Livingô
Is your house busting at the seams? Do your kids need a playroom? Do you need a home office? The solution might be literally under your feet: your unfinished basement. Click here to learn more about a new and exciting basement option.

Is Your Home Energy Smart?
Print out and take this home energy quiz to find ways that your home could be more energy efficient.

Canít I Get a Little Peace and Quiet?
As the noise level in homes goes up, homeowners are looking for new ways to turn the volume down. Here are a few tips on how you can make your home a quieter one.

Itís a Heat Wave!
Every year there are many injuries and deaths due summerís extreme heat. Here are some tips on how you can keep your home cool and avoid being another summer casualty.

Iíll Huff and Iíll Puff and Blow Your House Down
During the hurricane season, homeowners in the Gulf and Mid-Atlantic states are at high risk of severe structural damage from the high winds and rain associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. Here are a few ideas to help protect your home.

Give Your Home an Exterior Facelift
Does your house need a facelift? Check out these ideas to bring your homeís exterior back to life.

Is Your Roof Past its Peak?
Wind, rain, snow and ice can do a real number on your roof. Check out these warning signs to stop minor roofing problems from turning into bigger headaches.

Improve Your Homeís Indoor Air Quality
Think air pollution is only outside? Think again. The United States Environmental Protection Agency says there can be two to five times more air pollutants inside than out. Check out these tips to improve the air quality in your home.

Ten Ways to Save Energy and Stay Comfortable This Winter
Donít be left out in the cold. Check out these easy tips to keep your home warm and your energy bills low this winter.

Youíre just one day away from a more energy and cost-efficient home
Adding extra attic insulation is an easy way to reduce your energy bills. Follow these easy tips to make your home more comfortable.

Five Homes Get ďThe Great Exterior MakeoverĒ
From ordinary to extraordinary! Find out how Owens Corning transformed five Cleveland-area homes during the Owens Corning Great Exterior Makeover.

A Little Preventive Maintenance
Tackle a few of these easy maintenance projects this weekend and you'll have a safer, more energy-efficient home year 'round.