Owens Corning® Innovations for Living® Quietzone® Volume Control for the Home™
The Science of Acoustics
How Sound Works
Types of Sounds
Noise Control Techniques

How Noise Is Controlled

QuietZone® Noise Control Solutions use four techniques to control both airborne and structure-borne
sound in your home.


Converts sound waves into another form of energy (such as heat) as done by glass fiber insulation.

Products that absorb:
QuietZone® SOLSERENE® Fabric Ceiling System
QuietZone® Noise Control Batts
QuietR™ Duct Board
Flexible Duct Media FIBERGLAS® Insulation

Builds a barrier to stop air movement to greatly reduce airborne sound transmission.

Products that block:
QuietZone® Acoustic Sealant

Disrupts the path of the sound energy as it travels through wall structures.

Products that break:
QuietZone® Acoustic Wall Framing

Limits the sound to the area where it originated.

Products that isolate:
QuietZone® Acoustic Floor Mat

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