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QuietR™ Duct Board
Flexible Duct Media FIBERGLAS® Insulation
QuietR™ Duct Board
  • Helps eliminate the pops and pings of metal ducts and absorbs the sound waves that can travel through HVAC systems
  • Improves thermal efficiency
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QuietR™ Duct Board
Helps reduce energy leakage and reduce noise transmission through the duct system by creating an airtight seal. Features a durable airstream surface that helps prevent fungus growth and enables easy cleaning.
Fiberglas® Duct Liner Board
Offers the same energy-saving and noise-reducing benefits of QuietR™ Duct Board without the durable airstream surface.
QuietR™ Acoustic Duct Liner
Installed inside sheet metal ductwork and plenums, it enhances indoor air comfort and more.
SOFTR® All-Service Fiber Glass Duct Wrap
Installed on the outside of existing metal ducts, it improves energy efficiency and reduces noise transmission.
Flexible Duct Media FIBERGLAS® Insulation
  • Reduces HVAC equipment and air-movement noise
  • Works with flexible air ducts
  • Can be shaped around small-diameter cores smoothly and without buckling
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