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Robson Communities - Arizona

Project Summary

Project Size:  146 units, 189,000 sq. ft.
Products:  2x6 by 116-5/8" long QuietZone® Acoustic Wall Framing
STC Design Criteria:  STC 63

To promote the health aspects of a peaceful living environment, phase one of Robson Communities was built using staggered stud construction with resilient channel. It was intended to minimize sound transmission, but it also raised labor costs.

"RC is very time consuming to get on and get straight and not have wiggles in your drywall that will show up afterward," said Stephanie Rowe, Architect. "The owner specifically requested when we started the design for phase two that we find a system that was simpler for construction time and easier for them to build."

The solution? QuietZone® Acoustic Wall Framing.

The framing work was "a piece of cake," according to contractor Randy Stiffler, who chose to pre-assemble the QuietZone® Party Walls into panelized sections. QuietZone® Acoustic Wall Framing also installs easily with conventional stick framing methods.

"That's basically because it contains that resilient channel inside the stud already," explained Rowe. "So when you put it up, you're all set to go with just a single width wall, [which] puts those few extra inches back into the apartments."

Once the drywall was installed, the construction crews were surprised to find they couldn't hear the work being done across a QuietZone® Party Wall.

Overall, QuietZone® Acoustic Wall Framing was found to install easily and add value to the project. Robson plans to specify QuietZone® Acoustic Wall Framing in future multi-family projects.

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