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Treating Wood Floors With QuietZone® Noise Control Solutions

Capable of delivering STC-73, IIC-63, a 58%* noise-level reduction over the IBC IIC-50 requirement.

In addition to airborne noise, untreated floors are also subject to flanking noise - created when impact noise in one room radiates along the subfloor or other structural elements into adjoining areas.

Research testing shows that using QuietZone® Acoustic Floor Mat as a resilient interlayer and bond breaker provides superior reductions in both airborne and structure-borne noise by 87% (under plywood) to 93% (under gypsum concrete) over an untreated floor**.

QuietZone® Acoustic Floor Mat can be used alone or with resilient channel, and under plywood or gypsum concrete, depending on the application and level of noise reduction desired.

Technical Bulletin - QuietZone® Acoustic Floor Mat
NRC Study on Flanking Noise in Multi-Family Environments
Design Guide for Controlling Flanking Noise
NRC Guide for Sound Insulation in Wood Frame Construction

* The percentage noise reduction is calculated by applying the result that a 10 dB reduction in sound is half as loud to the ear based on human listening studies.

** Based on STC results and perceived loudness studies. Effects from flanking not included.

†Owens Corning recommends USG LEVELROCK® Floor Underlayment for applications using gypsum concrete.

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