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The QuietZone® Party Wall System

Sound travels into and out of rooms through the air and through building materials. QuietZone® Products work together to dramatically reduce noise transmission in four ways: blocking, absorbing, breaking and isolating.

The QuietZone® Party Wall System is capable delivering STC-63, a 58%* decrease in noise-level over the IBC STC-50 requirement, depending on the wall system used.

Plus, the QuietZone® System saves floor space, adding value to the project. Consider that an STC-63 wall with the QuietZone® System is 8 1/8" thick. A comparable double stud wall system is 10 1/2" thick. That means for every lineal foot QuietZone® Wall installed, the architect can add 0.2 sq.ft. to the project.

NOTE: Drawings 15 use various configurations of 2x4 framing spaced 16 inch o.c.; 1/2 inch type X gypsum board; 3 1/2 inch QuietZone®  Noise Control Batts. Drawing 6 uses 2x6 framing spaced 24 inch o.c.; double layer 5/8 inch type X gypsum board both sides; 5 1/2 inch QuietZone®  Noise Control Batts.In a typical 60-70 unit condo with 5,000 linear feet of party walls, that's an added value of $200,000 to the project!**

Noise Control Design Guide

* The percentage noise reduction is calculated by applying the result that a 10 dB reduction in sound is half as loud to the ear based on human listening studies.
** (60 - 70) x 0.19 = 1,000 sq. ft. added x $200 per sq. ft. = $200,000

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