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QuietZone® Noise Control Solutions are easily tailored to fit any objective or budget.
This chart will help you choose the best package for your needs.
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Your Goal
QuietZone® Quiet Foundations™ Noise Control Solutions
QuietZone® Quiet Retreats™ Noise Control Solutions
A quiet home office   BEST CHOICE
A first-floor laundry room that doesn't bother the family BEST CHOICE  
A second-floor laundry room that doesn't bother the family   BEST CHOICE
A quiet bathroom BEST CHOICE  
Enjoy the media room/home theater
without rocking the house
A music practice room that keeps sound in   BEST CHOICE
A basement playroom where kids can make
all the noise they want
Total privacy in the master bedroom   BEST CHOICE
A second-floor playroom where kids can make noise   BEST CHOICE
A nursery sheltered from outside noise BEST CHOICE  
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