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Why QuietZone®?

Why QuietZone®?

78% of homeowners are disturbed by noise in their homes.*

* TNS-Global Noise Reduction Market Understanding Study, January 2005.

When it comes down to deciding which options and upgrades to put into their new home, buyers most often consider two factors: What will it look like? And, what will it cost?

Few of them ever think to ask: What will it sound like?

Which is exactly why you should.

Plan ahead for happier homeowners.

QuietZone® Noise Control Solutions help:

  • Reduce airborne and structural noise
  • Add value to the home
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Differentiate your business
  • Increase current and future sales
  • Build referrals and repeat business

Unwanted noise can leave you with an unhappy customer. Even if you delivered exactly what they asked for.

Open floor plans. High ceilings. Hardwood. Granite. Stainless steel.

Fact is, many of today's most popular trends, can have an unpleasant effect on the noise level in a home. But buyers often have no idea how the design decisions they make will impact the acoustics of their home—until they've moved in.

Solve the problem before it starts.

Alert your buyers of potential noise concerns while it's still a simple fix. QuietZone® Noise Control Solutions let you build in the power to absorb, block, break and isolate sound waves—reducing the levels of both airborne and structural noise.

We make it easy.

It's easy to talk to customers about QuietZone® Noise Control Solutions. Just follow the four simple steps outlined in our Sales Reference Guide.

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