Global Climate Change

Climate change

Owens Corning is committed to safeguarding, sustaining and improving the environment, for the benefit of current and future generations.

Recognizing that the scientific understanding continues to be developed regarding the impact of human activity on global climate change, Owens Corning believes that key conclusions have earned widespread support requiring the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) around the world.

Owens Corning is well positioned to help address this issue through the increased energy efficiency gained from the use of many of the products we produce and the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that occur when consumers use those products. This is an opportunity for Owens Corning to make a measurable difference in global sustainability.

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We are also specifically committed to:

  • Utilizing the Product Stewardship process (including Life Cycle Management) to measure and amplify the benefits of our products and services to society.
  • Working with our stakeholders, partners and customers globally to develop technologies and solutions to achieve energy efficient buildings with the goal of achieving no net carbon releases.
  • Improving our GHG footprint by reducing the GHG emissions intensity of our manufacturing facilities while reducing our absolute emissions.
  • Being an active and constructive participant on this important issue on both the national and international stages.

Our solution for this important global challenge resides in the products we offer society, our ability to innovate and develop practical and affordable solutions from our science and technology efforts, the management of our energy and environmental footprint, and actively participating in selected ongoing international and national programs for climate change policy and resolution.