Committed to Sustainability Stewardship

Owens Corning is committed to the principles of corporate, environmental and product stewardship and to the safety and health of our employees.

To ensure a continuing commitment to these principles, Owens Corning is committed to:

  • Providing safe working conditions
  • Promoting the health and well-being of our employees
  • Conserving resources, preventing waste, and protecting the environment and our local communities
  • Providing safe products that perform as claimed
  • Providing useful information on the performance and safety of our products
  • Communicating our stewardship policy to employees and making the policy available to customers and other appropriate stakeholders
  • Continually improving our stewardship performance
  • Complying with all applicable laws, regulations, permits and other requirements to which the company subscribes
  • Providing resources to implement this policy

Corporate Stewardship: Owens Corning regularly reviews and tests all of our products and business actions in light of their long-term impact. We then make as-needed adjustments to ensure strict compliance with health, safety and environmental standards across all levels of the organization.

Environmental Stewardship: Owens Corning’s leadership, manufacturing teams, sales personnel and all employees around the world are committed to protecting and preserving the environment. As we expand around the globe, we conduct our actions in accordance with local, legal and regulatory requirements.

Product Stewardship: Using a Product Life Cycle approach, Owens Corning considers products’ effects on the environment, and on the health and well-being of our customers, employees and neighbors. Through our products and our efforts, we have promoted energy conservation globally for more than 50 years.