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Our Carrier Service Team

Thank you for your interest in becoming a carrier or broker for Owens Corning. We only accept information through our corporate website. To be considered for a carrier contract with Owens Corning you must meet the following general requirements.

  • 25 or more company owned units
  • Satisfactory DOT safety rating
  • EPA Smart way member
  • EDI capabilities
  • Ability to provide a daily capacity to service two or more Owens Corning facilities
  • Ability to meet or exceed 98% on time delivery performance requirement

If we have an immediate business need one of our teams will contact you. If there is no immediate business need your information will be stored and reviewed periodically. Information only needs to be entered one time. This information will also be used to select participants in our next bid.

Carrier Home Office Information  
Carrier Name:  
Supplier Diversity
Is your business minority-or woman-owned
and officially registered with a Council?   
No    Yes
Contact Name:  
Telephone #:
DOT Certificate Number:
MC Number:
Equipment Type:  Van       Flatbed       Asphalt Tanker     
 Less than Truckload      Intermodal      Dry Bulk

Number of Company Owned Power Units:  
Number of Trailers:  

Equipment Description:  

Plants of interest (specific):

Equipment capacity available per day for each OC:

SafeStat Rating:  
D&B Rating:  
On Time Delivery performance for...
      ... last year:  
      ... last month:  

Have you previously been a carrier for Owens Corning?:  Yes    No
Have you hauled Owens Corning Freight for a Broker or 3 PL in the past year?:  Yes    No
Are you currently a Smartway Partner?:  Yes    No
If no, are you actively pursuing membership?:
(All carriers must be active members by 2010)
 Yes    No

Terminal Locations (city, state, zip):

Comments - e.g.. Preferred lanes, etc...