Owens Corning® Innovations for Living® Quietzone® Volume Control for the Home™
QuietZone® Quiet Foundations™ Noise Control Solutions
The essentials for systematically controlling noise in new homes
  • Reduces the levels of airborne noises (such as conversations, appliances, TVs and plumbing) transmitted through walls, ceilings and floors
  • Decreases noise up to 30%*
  • Simple to add to new-construction homes and remodeling projects
Package includes:
QuietZone® Noise Control Batts and QuietZone® Acoustic Sealant installed in the walls, ceiling and floors.
Note: With all products, we recommend solid core doors.
Click here to compare how Owens Corning Noise Control Solutions can reduce the level of unwanted noise in a home.
* The percentage noise reduction is calculated by correlating differences in sound levels to the ear's ability to perceive noise reduction across all frequency bands as measured in acoustics industry standard human listening studies.
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