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QuietZoneŽ helps increase customer enjoyment and satisfaction by significantly decreasing neighbor noise through walls, ceilings and floors.

Incorporate QuietZone® Noise Control Solutions into your building plans and you can help your business:

Stand out from the competition.

Incorporating QuietZone® Solutions into your projects differentiates you in the marketplace. It positions you as someone who is concerned about customer satisfaction and quality, which generates word of mouth for your business.

Create more marketable properties.

Homes and commercial spaces that offer a retreat from unwanted noise are more marketable and command a premium price.

Meet higher standards faster, more cost-effectively.

Compared to alternative methods, QuietZone® Noise Control Solutions make it faster and more cost-effective to achieve STC-63 in walls and STC-73, IIC-63 in floors.

  • Replaces conventional wood studs for superior noise reduction.
  • One wall with no added steps for furring around doors and openings.
  • QuietZone® Acoustic Wall Framing uses engineered lumber to ensure straightness every time. That means no twisting or warping, and fewer call backs for poor drywall finish.

And using QuietZone® Solutions results increased floor space compared to other methods, adding value to your projects.

Access technical expertise and acoustics research.

When you purchase QuietZone® Solutions, you get access to a team of experts at the Owens Corning Acoustics Research Center and over 40 years of expertise.

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